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I have a great CD of German children’s songs that Froggy and I love to listen to.  I know a bit of German and my hope is that Froggy will not have an American accent if she chooses to learn German one day.  I know a couple of the songs from my German grandmother, but most of them I hadn’t heard before I got the CD.  This song is one I really like (with the German and English translation) –

Weißt du wieviel Sternlein stehen? Do You Know How Many Stars There Are?
Weißt du, wieviel Sternlein stehen
An dem blauen Himmelszelt?
Weißt du, wieviel Wolken gehen
Weithin über alle Welt?
Gott der Herr hat, sie gezählet,
Daß ihm auch nicht eines fehlet
An der ganzen großen Zahl,
An der ganzen großen Zahl.

Weißt du, wieviel Mücklein spielen
In der hellen Sommerglut?
Wieviel Fischlein auch sich kühlen
In der klaren Wasserflut?
Gott der Herr rief sie mit Namen,
Daß sie all’ ins Leben kamen,
Daß sie nun so fröhlich sind.
Daß sie nun so fröhlich sind.

Weißt du, wieviel Kinder frühe
Stehn aus ihren Bettchen auf,
Daß sie ohne Sorg’ und Mühe
Fröhlich sind im Tageslauf?
Gott im Himmel hat an allen
Seine Lust, sein Wohlgefallen,
Kennt auch dich und hat dich lieb.
Kennt auch dich und hat dich lieb.
Do you know how many little stars there are
In the wide blue sky?
Do you know how many clouds go about
Over the world?
The Lord God counted them so well,
That none are missing
From the whole lot of them.

Do you know how many little flies play
In the clear heat of Summer?
How many little fishes cool themselves
In the clear high tide?
The Lord God called them by name,
So they all came to life,
And they’re all so happy now.

Do you know how many children,
Get up early from their beds,
That they’re without worry and sorrow,
Happy all day long?
God in Heaven has, for everyone,
His pleasure, his welfare.
Knows you too and loves you.

My family isn’t religious.  I was raised Lutheran but I’m not religious any longer.  We don’t usually sing religious songs at home, because that’s not a part of our lives.  But every time I hear this song and stop to really listen to it, it gives me the warm fuzzies.  It is nice to think of a great god in heaven that named all the animals one-by-one and knows you and loves you personally.  That’s just so nice.  I don’t believe it, but it is nice to think about in the context of this little children’s song.


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