A version of the two-body problem; post 1

July 30, 2009 at 6:35 pm 1 comment

Right now my family is going through some upheaval associated with the infamous two-body problem.  Some backstory: I have applied for about four jobs so far this summer, most on a whim.  I am employed and not severely unhappy in my job.  Yet something is definitely lacking, and I have been inspired to apply for other jobs.  I got a rejection letter from one, heard nothing about the others.  Until nearly a month after I applied (and I had forgotten!) I received an email requesting a phone interview.

I was flabbergasted as this application was (along with the others) just really a whim and not exactly what my education is in.  I had the phone interview and it went quite well.  I hung up still very interested in the position.  The person that interviewed me hung up still very interested in me.  I got a call back in about an hour for an in-person interview.  An all-expenses paid trip to Favorite State.  Yes, this job happens to be in my (and SkepToad’s) Favorite State.

So I’m going to interview, and I’m going to try my darndest to get the job.  But this poses a large familial problem.  SkepToad is still working on his PhD.  He loves his research and is getting more into it every day.  A new job for me would mean moving (a long way!) again.  I don’t want it to mean taking SkepToad away from his research or his PhD.

We’ve been looking at some of the logistics of possible futures.  SkepToad can do some work from “home” meaning anywhere in the country.  He is required to do a bit of travel to field sites anyway, and can travel from any major airport.  There would be enough money for him to keep a bachelor pad in the city to be close to his adviser.  This may be a good thing as well because he would be away from distractions (me and Froggy) and may actually be able to focus more on his research and produce a kick ass dissertation.  But it means being away from his family more than he’d like.  And it may have other career consequences, especially if we really want to try to settle down in Favorite State.  Neither of us can say what these career consequences may be, so we have to learn as we go here.  SkepToad is currently in the process of actively finding career opportunities possible in Favorite State.

We started a Google spreadsheet with Positives and Negatives of each situation (staying in current job or taking new job offer).  Keep in mind that I haven’t been to the interview yet.  But we want to be prepared for the decision if we do have to make it.  And, like I said, I’m going to try my darndest to get the job.

Tomorrow I will continue with how this whole thing is making me feel.  I come from a conservative and traditional background and right now that’s playing havoc with my newfound feminism and career hopes.


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Yes… I’m a scientist. Two-body problem; post 2

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