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Almost parallel trajectories

I spent a while on Tuesday chatting with my best friend from high school. We don’t talk very often any more, but we are still good friends. I got up the nerve to ask him a question that had been floating around in my mind for a while now – whether or not he’s still a practicing Mormon. It turns out that he’s now a self-described “militant/evangelical atheist”! I didn’t see that one coming!

I didn’t learn his whole story, but it turns out it was a little bit like mine. What I found interesting about the whole thing was that we have been friends since 1996, and we lost touch for a while somewhere in 2005, and in between then and now we’ve both turned away from our childhood religions and are now atheists. Back in high school we were both fairly committed to our different faiths, mine Lutheran, his LDS. I just found it way cool that we went through similar changes in faith while we weren’t in touch, and now it seems like we have added another layer to our friendship through a “shared” experience that wasn’t even really shared!


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The Stars

SkepticMommy : Me! I'm a scientist working in industry. I get to play in the lab most of the time. I also run, do yoga, and read. And I'm always learning more about the world around me.

SkepToad : My husband, a 6th year astrophysics PhD student. He's involved in some really cool research and he also likes teaching and outreach.

Froggy : My preschool age daughter. She loves to dance and sing and color and go to the Children's Museum, and she has a great sense of humor.

Ringo : Froggy's lovey, a stuffed frog that's been with us since she was born. Yeah, his name is Ringo.