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Slowly starting

I am beginning to build my reportoire.  I am a scientist working at a private company doing mostly lab stuff.  Mostly chemistry, some other sciences, a teeny bit of engineering-type work.  I am also a mommy of a little girl, preschool age.  I am also wife to an aspiring astrophysicist nearing completion of his PhD.  I need a place I can write about all of these things and not feel weird.  So, here it is.


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The Stars

SkepticMommy : Me! I'm a scientist working in industry. I get to play in the lab most of the time. I also run, do yoga, and read. And I'm always learning more about the world around me.

SkepToad : My husband, a 6th year astrophysics PhD student. He's involved in some really cool research and he also likes teaching and outreach.

Froggy : My preschool age daughter. She loves to dance and sing and color and go to the Children's Museum, and she has a great sense of humor.

Ringo : Froggy's lovey, a stuffed frog that's been with us since she was born. Yeah, his name is Ringo.