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Yes… I’m a scientist.

I had to take my car to the dealer this morning for service.  It was going to take an hour so I got the shuttle to work.  Driven by a nice (enough) old man, most likely in his 80s.  He wanted me to sit in front with him and he dropped me off last.  He told me all about his old business (a grocery store) and how terrible it was.  Then we pull up at my office and he says, “What do you do anyway?”  “I’m a scientist,” I say.  “Really?” He says, “Why aren’t you old and ugly?”


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The Stars

SkepticMommy : Me! I'm a scientist working in industry. I get to play in the lab most of the time. I also run, do yoga, and read. And I'm always learning more about the world around me.

SkepToad : My husband, a 6th year astrophysics PhD student. He's involved in some really cool research and he also likes teaching and outreach.

Froggy : My preschool age daughter. She loves to dance and sing and color and go to the Children's Museum, and she has a great sense of humor.

Ringo : Froggy's lovey, a stuffed frog that's been with us since she was born. Yeah, his name is Ringo.